A Brief History of Asexual Flag And How It Was Chosen

It has been 12 years for the reason that present asexual flag was chosen to symbolize individuals figuring out as asexual. Although asexuality has been well-known inside the group, there’s nonetheless a lack of information of the flag’s historical past and which means.

Keep on with us on this publish to search out out the place the flag got here from and the way it was picked as an asexual image.

The asexual flag
The asexual flag

What Does it Imply To Be Asexual?

Everybody expressed their sexual orientation in another way. Some might discover sexual attraction towards males or ladies. Some discover sexual attraction to each. And a few may really feel that method towards all genders.

Likewise, there are individuals who discover no sexual attraction to any gender in any respect. They’re known as asexuals. 

Sure – it’s attainable for somebody to have such sexual orientation in case you may ever surprise. If over ten years in the past, these individuals hided beneath their self-made cowl, they’re recognizable in right this moment’s society.

They’ve been confronted with many misconceptions and unhealthy treats for his or her “lack of sexual emotions for others”. That’s mentioned to go towards “requirements by society”, that are clearly man-made. In the meantime, asexuality is 100% regular in accordance with scientists.

And whereas asexual persons are not sexually interested in others, it doesn’t imply they can’t have intimate relationships. Moreover, the truth that many typically combine sexual emotions into romantic emotions causes a misunderstanding about asexuality.

That can be why individuals locally wanted to have a flag that raises consciousness. Having a flag for asexual, apart from, they will turn out to be extra recognizable and understood in society. That may make their lives simpler.

Origin of the Asexual Flag

The asexual satisfaction flag (or ace flag) was chosen by AVEN (the Asexual Visibility & Schooling Community) to symbolize these figuring out as asexual.

AVEN is an online-based group that goals to boost consciousness about asexuality. They’re open for conversations, discussions, and actions about asexuality.

The AVEN logo features four colors: Black, Grey, White, Purple
The AVEN brand options 4 colours: Black, Gray, White, Purple

In 2010, AVEN held a web based contest to create a satisfaction flag that represents these within the asexual group. There are various submissions and designs, however the successful one was a design with 4 horizontal stripes. It options colours which are just like these on the AVEN’s brand, making it a bonus cause to win.

Though it was chosen by AVEN, the flag did obtain a lot of head nods from individuals inside the group for its meanings.

Asexual Flag Which means

Like different LGBT pride flags, the asexual flag conveys the which means by means of its colours. Nevertheless, asexuality is just not represented by the mix of all single hues on the flag. Just one colour — black — says about the primary sexual orientation right here. Moreover, that may be a distinctive level about it, which is unlikely to occur on the pansexual flag, bisexual flag, or omni flag, and many others.

There are FOUR asexual flag colours as horizontal bars from prime to backside:

  • Black represents asexuality
  • Gray represents grey-asexuality (as these indentifying an un-known half out of the foremost asexual sorts*) and demi-sexuality (as these feeling sexually attracted solely to the particular person they love or have a romantic bond with)
  • White represents allies and non-asexual companions who give help to the group
  • Purple represents the asexual group as an entire

Myths About Variations of the Asexual Satisfaction Flag

There have been a whole lot of on-line searches about some variations of the asexuality flag each month.

“Biromantic asexual flag”, “panromantic asexual flag”, “aromantic sexual flag”, “lesbian asexual flag”, “non-binary asexual flag”, and many others. — these are phrases individuals have been attempting to hunt for details about.

It’s not shocked to know that, since no flag can inform exactly about each single particular person in a group. Folks would merely attempt to discover different flags that sit extra for them.

Regardless of that truth, there aren’t any official recognition of these talked about flags above. Some individuals may be prepared to be represented by them — and it’s nice. However they’re simply not the chosen designs to symbolize the entire asexual group. Let’s be clear from there!

The Backside Line

The asexual flag or ace flag has stood there facet by facet with the asexual group over a decade. It helps to boost consciousness, and most significantly, acceptance towards asexuality.

It will get us feeling extra wanted to reward the flag as a result of asexuality are often mistaken as a pathology, which causes denial and stigma towards asexual individuals.

When you’ve got an asexual companion or just help the group, increase the flag within the upcoming Satisfaction Month!

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*Watch this brief video to be taught extra about the primary kinds of asexuality: