For Robert Doweny Jr. “We love you 3000” (Iron Man Tribute)

Tribute to the actor that revived the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Robert Downey Jr. who have played the role of Iron Man, Tony Stark, for the past 11 years. This video is made to thank him for the contribution as the godfather and his sacrifice for the MCU. This fan made appreciation video includes highlight moments of RDJ’s interviews and behind the scenes compilation. As my favourite hero, Iron Man will always be in the number one spot. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been based around Iron Man. It is all about Tony Stark, the main character in this entire narrative. Even though he is a fictional character, his story taught me to dream, his spirit taught me to never give up, his courage taught me to love. Therefore, Tony Stark is real to me. No matter what happens next Wednesday, he will always live in my heart. I love you 3000. Ever since 2008, Robert Downey Junior’s performance has accompanied my childhood for more than half of my life. His story has inspired me to see life from a different perspective and to appreciate what I have. I’m sure that RDJ has his reasons to leave in the closure of Endgame with the contact ending. After all, the man has been acting as Tony Stark for the past decade. It is time for him to retire now and let the new stars of MCU to shine. However, RDJ’s Iron Man is irreplaceable. And he will always be, the one and only, the invincible Iron Man. Thank you. Thank you every one for your support! Please share to help this channel grow!