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Kentucky Democrats mock McConnell with ‘Moscow Mitch’ merch

Kentucky Democrats mock McConnell with 'Moscow Mitch merch

The GOP leader was criticized for blocking legislation aimed at protecting the nation’s political system against foreign attack, including from Russia. FRANKFORT, Ky. — Democrats in Mitch McConnell’s home state are pitching “Moscow Mitch” merchandise to try and capitalize on a bitter dispute involving the Kentucky senator over election security legislation. The Kentucky Democratic Party […]

Cocaine Mitch McConnell – Official Cocaine Mitch T-Shirt

Shop now: Cocaine Mitch McConnell  Our senior senator, who is well-known for his uproarious sense of humor, has apparently decided to take the “Cocaine Mitch” appellation and turn it into both a laugh and a fund-raising opportunity. Senator Mitch McConnell has been called “Cocaine Mitch” by some of his detractors due to a story about cocaine […]